March 2, 2016: Deportations Under Obama Administration

In order to maintain border control and prevent another crisis similar to what took place in 2004, when tens of thousands of migrants from Central American inundated patrol stations, administration has launched deportation raids. Alongside the message of deterrence the raids are sending to Central American families, it’s sending a louder message and bringing about a negative divide amid Latino communities and the White House.

“The administration’s decision to launch the raids has reopened old wounds between the White House and many Latino communities, and it has compromised the president’s efforts to create an election-year contrast with Republicans on immigration.”

The administration indicates they’re only deporting those with final deportation notices from judges, those fleeing from drug-related, gang violence, abuse, crime, and/or poverty. The actions of administration are being frowned upon because the majority of migrants being deported consist of women and children. Officials employed female agents to ‘minimize the anxiety’ within the communities, while performing deportation arrests of female migrants. To soften the transition, Vice President Biden has partnered with other nations with means of aiding Central American refugees’ resettlement.

“The goal of this effort is to provide a safe and legal alternative to the dangerous journey many are currently taking in the hands of human smugglers,” said White House spokesman Peter Boogaard. “Expanding resettlement opportunities is a key part of our broader response to the situation in the three nations" explained Boogaard. 

Although criticized, deportation raids will continue in efforts to manage those whom migrated to the United States illegally. Migrants once came to America for economic opportunities and now it’s to escape crime and gang violence. On one hand there are protocols for those who cross the border illegally; on the other hand there are existing migrant communities, despite the reasoning of departing their country, that call America their home who are now living in fear of the raids. The conflict continues.