assistance completing united states citizenship application form

We help eligible U.S. residents complete the application for naturalized U.S. citizenship

streamlining the application process

TLYL staff provide assistance completing and filling the USCIS Application for Naturalization (Form N-400) by carefully explaining instructions and information. Assistance completing the application is provided to students enrolled in U.S. Civics/Citizenship classes. Alternatively, those interested in application assistance, but who do not wish to be enrolled in our classes, can still benefit from this service. During the last two weeks of class, non-enrolled students are welcomed to pass by and benefit from group instruction. Those interested should attend attend "Week 14: Application for Naturalization–USCIS Form N-400" and "Week 15: Mock USCIS Naturalization Interviews". Please refer to our Calendar to see what day these weeks correspond to. 

The application is for eligible U.S. residents who have spent the required number of years in the United States and meet all other USCIS general eligibility requirements. Applicants are required to bring their passport, U.S. residency card, and information regarding prior and current addresses and employment details.


An updated copy of the "USCIS Application for Naturalization" can be dowloaded on the USCIS website or by clicking here. Similarly, the "USCIS Instructions for Application" can be found by clicking here. Instructions for the application process can also be found in Spanish by clicking here

For more information regarding eligibility requirements, please visit the USCIS website