empowering newcomers living in northern virginia 

Meeting the needs of immigrant community members so that they may improve their overall quality of life


This Land is Your Land (TLYL) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving the lives of immigrant communities living in northern Virginia. Our organization specializes in integration services such as United States citizenship exam prep services for eligible U.S. residents. Our programs and services include U.S. civics/citizenship education and U.S. citizenship application filing. In providing accessible services free of charge, we meet the needs of local immigrant communities seeking social inclusion, economic mobility and civic participation. 

Four objectives: 

  1. Promote the goals and needs of the community to improve livelihoods
  2. Facilitate the cultural integration of immigrants into U.S. society
  3. Strengthen English communication skills of immigrant community members
  4. Assist with the U.S. citizenship exam and application process


TLYL was founded in 2015. The name of the organization derives from a famous American folklore song titled "This Land is Your Land", by Woody Guthrie. The song relays themes of acceptance, opportunity and inclusivity – values which are aligned with our own. Since its establishment, it has helped students access literacy education and citizenship services that were previously out of reach. Our students are inspired to seek better economic opportunities and to improve their overall quality of life.

To obtain more information about the work of TLYL, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.  


The organization is led by the chairman and the vice chairman (co-founders) with support from the advisory panel (TLYL affiliates) which constitute the Board of Directors. The Board bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of governing the organization and monitoring program impact. Together they oversee the direction and execution of the organization's purpose and vision. Board members come from diverse backgrounds and are leaders in their respective fields.

Additionally, we depend on volunteer staff who generously dedicate their skills and who are passionate about helping Virginia immigrants. Their contribution is imperative to our success. At TLYL we promote pluralism and diversity within the organization's board, staff, and constituencies. 

Interested in volunteering with us? Please visit our Join Us page to find out how to become involved.